Programming off-site of the Grand Café offers visitors the opportunity to discover the territory of the city in its tangible and intangible dimensions whether it is with permanent works in the city of Saint-Nazaire (Felice Varini, Gilles Clément), performances (Dector & Dupuy, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet), interventions in public space (Raumlabor) or monumental works (the Chapuisat Brothers, Jeppe Hein…).

Often proposed in collaboration with different cultural partners from the region Pays de La Loire (Estuaire – Le Voyage à Nantes, le Vip – scène de musiques actuelles, Le Théâtre – scène nationale…), off-site projects give artists unique opportunities to experience and confront the industrial landscape of a port, urban configuration of a city of Reconstruction but also to invest singular spaces like LiFE, located in the former Submarine base, a real concrete monolith in the city.