Bruit rose - Le Grand Café
Bruit rose - Le Grand Café
Bruit rose - Le Grand Café


The world of Stéphane Thidet is made up of natural phenomena, the elements, matter, life and time; for almost fifteen years he has sought to distort the real and the everyday, creating lines of flight towards an elsewhere, evoking another state of affairs. His often hypnotic and poetic installations call out to and draw in the visitor to an imaginatively striking contemplative and sensory experience.

With Bruit rose [Pink Noise], Stéphane Thidet is installing a mineral and liquid scene in the very heart of the concrete beast of the LiFE; a kind of waking dream that replays the perpetual cycle of time, permanence and fragility as well as the dizzy pull of gravity.


Stéphane Thidet est né en 1974, il vit et travaille à Paris. Il est diplômé de l’École supérieure d’art et de design de Le Havre – Rouen et de l’École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris.
Stéphane Thidet est représenté par les galeries Aline Vidal (Paris) et Laurence Bernard (Genève).

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