Echo-Système [Echo-System] - Le Grand Café
Echo-Système [Echo-System] - Le Grand Café
Echo-Système [Echo-System] - Le Grand Café
Echo-Système [Echo-System] - Le Grand Café


The artists brought together here have moved away from what has become the classical approach of ‘sound objects’ or ‘musical machines’, derived from the practice of sculpture or musical theatre, to interrogate the implications of the dimension of sound in how we perceive the world The exhibition deliberately presents approaches where sound appears in a variety of forms (breath, voice, music, ‘noise’) that serve each artist’s own preoccupations: human behaviour for Angela Bulloch, the direct production of sound form for Céleste Bourcier-Mougenot, speech acts and language for Éric Maillet, energy for Ange Leccia and imaginary territories for Patrice Carré. The sonic dimension of everything that we are generally faced with undoubtedly goes in the direction of dematerialising of the artwork. Nevertheless, these processes, as diverse as they are, all deal with the question of the position of the visitor, between spectator and listener, spectator and participant. In this sense, the presence of a composer like Céleste Boursier-Mougenot among four visual artists expands upon the consideration of the ideas of the concert and the sound installation, while attesting to the now increasingly important permeability of the boundaries between the worlds of music and the visual arts.


Le Grand Café

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot
Sans Titre
Aquatic modules, sound installation, musical device, inflatable PVC pools, pumps, electrical resistance, dishes, water Height 45 cm, diameter 250 cm Capc, Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux's and Frac Limousin's collection, Limoges
Angela Bulloch
Sans Titre
Frac Languedoc-Roussillon's collection
Patrice Carré
Wood, miniaturized train, electric motor, walkman, speakers, soundtrack Frac des Pays de la Loire's collection, Carquefou
Éric Maillet
Computer, trackball, video projector, speakers Artist's collection
Galerie des Franciscains

Ange Leccia
100 chairs with speakers, amplifier, cassette player and blank audio cassette Frac des Pays de la Loire's collection, Carquefou


Céleste Boursier-Mougenot Born in 1961 in Nice. Lives and works in Sète (France). The artist is represented by Galerie Xippas. gallery website
Angela Bulloch Born in 1966 in Rainy River (Canada). Lives and works in London and Berlin. The artist is represented by Mary Boone Gallery (USA), Galerie Micheline Szwajcer (Allemagne), Esther Schipper Gallery (Allemagne).
Patrice Carré Born in 1957 in Angers (France). Lives and works in Marseille (France). website
Ange Leccia Born in 1952 in Minervun, France. Lives and works in Paris. The artist is represented by Galerie Almine Rech. gallery website
Eric Maillet Born in 1961. Lives and works in Paris and Marseille. website