Artists are invited over long periods that favour their immersion in the area, and benefit from the support of the art centre team in discovering the town. This residency is envisaged as a time for research and production that generally results in the creation of a solo exhibition, inscribing Le Grand Café’s work at the heart of a network of regional participants that is refreshed with each invited artist’s project (the industrial base, community groups, heritage structures, etc.). The development of contextual and hybrid artistic practices, sited at the intersection of several disciplines, makes the continual adaptation of the modes of accompaniment offered to artists all the more complex and necessary.

These creative residencies are also a chance to benefit from the presence of the artists in Saint-Nazaire by developing interpretation or educational actions (conferences, workshops) in the region’s art schools and in particular the School of Fine Art Nantes – Saint-Nazaire.

Open to all nationalities, the creative residency is operated by means of invitation rather than an open call because of its close connection with the programme. These periods of immersive work, considerably lengthened in recent years to give time to artists with many commitments, are precious opportunities to develop unique forms and actions.