In Saint-Nazaire Jorge Satorre will renew with his 2010 residence and exhibit a particular group of works (drawings, photographs, texts and videos) closely tied to the geographical context and the relationship between the port and its past. The exhibition title, The Indirect Gaze, refers to a term in astronomy: it describes the method used for observing the subtle changes in brightness of exoplanets, objects infinitely distant from our solar system. This could be compared with the method Jorge Satorre has developed in recent years in attempting an interpretation of radically unknown or foreign places, such as Saint-Nazaire appeared to him during his initial visits. The site-specific thought processes of his projects include the revelation of a hidden history, linked to the construction of now-spectral great ocean liners, to the murky fate of civic statuary and to an inventory of the presumed locations of long-lost dolmens in and around Saint-Nazaire.