Karamakate, a powerful Amazonian shaman, the last survivor of his people, lives isolated in the depths of the jungle. Decades of loneliness have made him a chullachaqui, a human without memories and emotions. His life was disrupted by the arrival of Evans, an American ethnobotanist in search of the yakruna, a very powerful sacred plant with the virtue of learning to dream. Together they undertake a journey to the heart of the Amazonian forest, where past, present and future merge, and which will allow Karamakate to gradually recover its lost memories.

At the Jacques Tati Theatre – Theatre cinema. Address: AGORA 1901 – 2 bis, avenue Albert de Mun, 44600 Saint-Nazaire. T. 02 40 53 69 63
Prices: full 6.50 euros / reduced 5.50 euros
“The Snake Embrace” will also be screened on Sunday, September 10 at 3pm.

Optional: flash visit of Haroon Mirza’s exhibition at LiFE
Thursday, September 7 at 7pm, followed by a picnic on the roof of the base before going to the screening (bring your picnic). free visit, on reservation only, subject to availability.

In partnership with Le Théâtre, scène nationale de Saint-Nazaire

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