Le Grand Café – contemporary art centre of Saint-Nazaire develops tailored actions for disabled visitors adapted to the projects and where they take place. There are many forms of disability, so the interpretation team adapts its approach and the support for each exhibition to different situations (such as specific requirements, appropriate communication support and accessibility).


At the present time, only the ground floor of Le Grand Café is accessible to mobility impaired visitors. Works are planned shortly to allow full access to the site.

The LiFE in the submarine base, location of the art centre’s off-site exhibitions, is accessible to mobility impaired visitors (including access to the site and its surroundings, parking, entrances and exits, routes within the building and WC facilities).


The interpretation teams at the art centre regularly design specific and adapted visits for visitors from hospital and therapeutic settings (IME, ITEP and ESAT).


Since 2017, Le Grand Café holds an event for deaf and hearing impaired visitors during every exhibition. An LSF visit that corresponds with the artistic project and its specificities is designed and created by the interpretation team in partnership with a sign language service. Where the project allows, the event is made up of guided and commented visits with a live transfer into sign language by interpreters. The group of interpreters idem has become a partner of Le Grand Café.


To facilitate an access to art for all, guided visits are organised in partnership with community centres and government agencies (CCAS and Pôle Emploi).