Le Grand Café actively participates in the Parcours d’Éducation Artistique et Culturelle (PEAC), which takes place right across Saint-Nazaire. The educational pathway in arts and culture reaches all students in the town’s primary schools. A rotation system over two years is offered to education structures to achieve the right balance of activity,

This approach to artistic and cultural education gives children agency over complete projects at the intersection of areas of art practice, and encountering artists and artworks enriches the activity. It was introduced by the municipality of Saint-Nazaire in collaboration with schools and the following municipal cultural structures and partners: the Conservatoire, the Médiathèque, the Archives, Le Grand Café, the School of Fine Art Nantes/Saint-Nazaire, the Atelier Mobile, Athénor, the VIP, the Théâtre-Scène Nationale, the Cinema Jacques Tati and Saint-Nazaire Agglomération Tourisme.

In each school, projects are devised in close collaboration with teachers around an axis or theme of their choice and made available to all classes in an appropriate form, according to their age and the cultural events on offer during the academic year.

Diverse modes of learning and initiation, building on the programmes of the different cultural structures, are elaborated in the service of a teaching approach based on experience and direct contact.

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