Easy Come, Easy Go - Le Grand Café

In situ installation, sound system, lyre and computer, 3 min 9 s loop
Halle Sud, Petit Maroc district and Le Grand Café – centre d’art contemporain

Production Le Grand Café – centre d’art contemporain, Saint-Nazaire

At Le Grand Café, Edith Dekyndt has addressed the history of the site, formerly a café and now an art centre. This is also a story of transatlantic crossings, when the foxtrot was danced in the ballrooms of ocean liners as it was in the ballroom of Le Grand Café. The past resonates through the brightness of a spotlight replaying a couple’s dance movements. This ghostly presence is duplicated beneath the Halle Sud, a place that turns towards the horizon, swept by winds and spray, with a panoramic view onto the departing liners.