A meeting with the artist is organized for each exhibition.

An other meeting is regularly held : "the exhibition seen by..." the occasion to invit a personality of contemporary art field and sometimes someone from an other fiel (an architect, a writter, a scientist...) to give a personnal and different vision of the exhibition.

For groups, Le Grand Café offers a guided visit after registration. Moreover, in parallel to the artistic actuality, Le Grand Café holds discovery trips in France and in Ouest area in order to make the public discover exhibitions. These different meetings and events make the public develop their artistic point of view in order to facilitate their appropriation of artistic works. 

For teachers, specific meetings and guided visits are organized.
For pupils, we propose activities which creat a positiv way to approach artist work.
Some visit canbe directly link with the school program. 

Eric Gouret: or +33 (0)2 44 73 44 03.