Art projects in public space

Since the Grand Café creation, the contemporary art center made projects in public places in Saint-Nazaire and in companies.

Public commission 

Suite de triangles, Saint-Nazaire, 2007, Felice Varini

Proposed by Le Grand Café and created during the Estuaire 2007 event, Suite de triangles now permanently invests the port of Saint Nazaire. Felice Varini begins by establishing a viewing point and materialising a "horizontal line" taking in the port landscape. The artist presents us with a painted form on one single plane, a form that detaches itself and superposes itself onto the architecture to which it seems to belong. Away from the viewing point, this form breaks up and is redeployed in space, allowing the succession of planes required to draw the triangles to appear.

Estuaire 2007-2009-2012
Nantes - Saint-Nazaire

"Estuaire" helps build this metropolitan area's identity by giving artists the opportunity to come and create their works not only at cultural locations in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire but also on the banks of the estuary that connects the two cities, which play with the landscape or which confront it, blend into it or separate from it, which take note of the dimensions of this region and its diversity.

Long-lasting or fleeting, created in place, in the cities or the ports, in the water or on it, visible from the banks or the river, these works lead you to discover a fascinating estuary with its heritage and landscapes divided between fragile natural reserves and giant industrial buildings. Sculptures, fountains, surprising architecture...

In total, 30 sites have been taken over by artists and over the three months of summer 2007 welcomed nearly 770 000 visitors. Whether on foot, by bike, by car or by boat (46 000 cruise tickets sold), in heritage buildings, art exhibition areas or in the open area, everyone was able to find a cultural journey to suit their tastes. 

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