Current exhibition

Marcos Avila Forero

Vibrating things

Exhibition from 14th October 2017 to 4th February 2018
Opening on 13th October at 6pm30
At Le Grand Café - contemporary art centre

Marcos Avila Forero is an artist in movement, operating on the ground in the furthest reaches of the world. His works are marked by encounters with invisible communities, whose history he highlights.
His interventions within these contexts condense the strength of engagement and the power of poetry.

At the Grand Café - contemporary art centre, Marcos Avila Forero brings together key works in his career with creations made during his residency in Saint-Nazaire. Each of them interweaves various accounts of current or historical issues: the Syrian conflict, the peace process in Columbia, Persian wars, the slave trade. His works give voice to this polyphony of anonymous foreign lives and creates an “intense proximity” that highlights the universal resonance of the singular.