The Black, The White, The Blue

Edith Dekyndt
From 15.2 to 30.8.20

Opening Friday February, 14th at 6.30pm

At Le Grand Café, Edith Dekyndt revisits her installation The Black, The White, The Blue, recently created for the Kunsthaus Hamburg. Her project responds to port operations in Hamburg as in Saint-Nazaire, evoking the international freight trade and in particular the containers of used consumer goods sent from Europe towards the world's most fragile regions. In the exhibition, Edith Dekyndt symbolically assembles this waste into spatial arrangements that make apparent the interrelation of human beings, the material world and the natural elements. Her minimalist and sensitive visual language magnifies the silent energies of the transformative processes at work. The dissolution, alteration and crystallisation of objects and materials establish an atmosphere that conveys both brutality and fragility.

Image : exhibition view Edith Dekyndt "The Black, The White, The Blue" at Kunsthaus Hamburg, 2019. Courtesy Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf-Berlin, Germany. Credits Kunsthaus Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. Photo Hayo Heye.

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